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Municipal Website Venture

Designed specifically to address the state of municipal websites in the province of Nova Scotia, the Municipal Website Venture's mandate is to substantially improve the standard of its client's websites, and lower development, operating and promotional costs while empowering municipal staff with no technical background to manage their websites. 

Prior to the MWV's formation, there was general recognition by provincial and municipal governments that a dedicated program toward significantly raising the standard of municipal governments' websites could be achieved in a cost-effective manner. This concept was fully explored through a provincial/Municipal E-government Committee during which the idea of the Municipal Website Venture was born. The MWV utilizes the sound working relationship between provincial and municipal governments in Nova Scotia to provide a solid foundation of support for the program. It is administered through the AMANS, a professional, non-partisan association dedicated to excellence in municipal administration. This allows the MWV to be flexible, able to act quickly, as well as, maintain full autonomy. It is essential to note that the overriding goal of the MWV is to help situate municipal websites closer to the leading edge of the "user-generated" environment of the World Wide Web. For municipalities, the Municipal Website Venture should dramatically widen in-house participation in all website activities. Website work can now include departmental heads or other key people in your organization. And wider participation can mean transforming a website which is monotonous and stagnant, into one which is dynamic, informative, and up-to-date every day!

To find out more about the AMA MWV go to Municipal Website Venture.