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In 1969 an important development took place which was to have a significant future impact upon municipal administration in the Province of Nova Scotia. That event was the graduation of twenty-six individuals from the four year Certificate Program in Municipal Administration offered by the Institute of Public Affairs, Dalhousie University (now known as the Centre for Public Management).

The need for a formalized program of professional study for municipal administrators had long been recognized. Its development was the culmination of many years of effort and commitment by the Nova Scotia Department of Municipal Affairs, the Institute of Public Affairs, Dalhousie University, the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities, and the Provincial Chapter of the Municipal Finance Officers' Association.

The graduation of the first individuals from this course represented a milestone in municipal professional development and provided a forum for discussion which led to the establishment of the Association of Municipal Administrators, Nova Scotia in 1970-71. The twenty-six graduates who, in turn, became the "Charter Members" of the Association of Municipal Administrators, Nova Scotia are:

D. Armstrong D. Large W. Hebb
G. Blennerhasset S. MacLellan J. Whalley
E. Bonn B. Mason R. Handspiker
C. Boudreau A. McDermid C. Warner
A. Cameron V. Parrett J. Vickery
G. Christie H. Rhodenizer D. Gilroy
N. Cohoon L. Russell B. Sterns
W. Crowell T. Sheppard P. Flemming
C. Donaldson E. Snow  

Since that time, the Association of Municipal Administrators, Nova Scotia has been a major participant in providing leadership direction, funding and programming in areas of local governmental professional development and training.

Historical Milestones Include:

  • First Annual Conference, Fall 1969
  • Official Incorporation, June 14, 1971
  • Establishment of Scholarship Fund, 1972
  • Cooperative UNSM/AMA office and staffing agreement, Summer 1981
  • Agreement to annually appoint an AMA representative on UNSM Executive Committee, 1980
  • Agreement to annually appoint a UNSM representative on AMA Executive Committee, 1983
  • Appointment of Administrative Director, May 1988
  • Publication of Inaugural AMA Newsletter, Fall, 1988
  • Appointment of Joint UNSM/AMA Resource Committee, Fall 1988
  • Agreement to develop expended program of Professional Development: Diploma in Public Management and Certificate in Local Government Administration, Fall 1988
  • Graduation of 245 administrators from the Certificate in Municipal Administration Program as of October 1992
  • Establishment of a Province-wide Employee Benefits Program for municipal employees, 1993.
  • Establishment of a Municipal Insurance Program for general insurance for Municipal Units in Nova Scotia in 1995
  • Completed the development of a Records Management Manual
  • 1997 developed an AMA homepage
  • Signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation between AMANB, AMANS, AMAPEI and the MMTDB to pave the way for the four organizations to work more closely together on a regional basis.
  • 2002 National Advanced Certificate in Local Authority program replaces CLGA
  • 2003 Membership approved Certification Program for members

Past Presidents 

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