Who Are We?

We are a professional non-profit organization with over 250 members drawn from Nova Scotia Municipalities, the Province and other professionals in the field of local government. Our membership includes CAOs, Clerks, Deputies, Directors, Administrative Assistants and other administrative positions within local government. Our membership is open to professionals involved in the administration of local government in Nova Scotia.

What Does AMA Do?

It is our mandate to continue to improve the professionalism of people working in municipal government. As municipalities have a huge investment in their staff, it makes good sense to ensure they have the capacity and resources to do their job. The AMA plays an important role in professional development of municipal staff by providing training opportunities, conferences and networking opportunities. As information can be critical to success within municipalities, the AMA provides a platform for joint training initiatives and the ability to tap into resources from larger units. The AMA plays a key role in the development and coordination of projects multiple municipalities are looking to implement, and will often lead these project initiatives. We serve as a resource to elected officials, working closely with the Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities (NSFM).

Key Stakeholders

Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities (NSFM)

There is a critical linkage between the AMA and the NSFM as we currently share office space. The Past President of the NSFM sits on the AMA Board of Directors, just as the AMA Past President sits on the NSFM Executive. The AMA and NSFM share policy initiatives and work together to ensure all members of municipal government, staff and elected officials, are provided with the means to be able to accomplish their council and community objectives.

Department of Municipal Affairs and Housing (DMAH)

Many of the DMAH staff are a member with the AMA. This allows for formal and informal linkages to be formed when accomplishing similar initiatives. The AMA responds to invitations put out by the Province that affects municipal government. Some of our recent initiatives with the Province include: the MGA Review and the Joint Municipal Accountability & Transparency Committee.