AMANS/Dalhousie Partnership

Local Government Certificate Programs

The AMANS is a proud partner of Dalhousie University's Local Government Certificate Programs. Currently, Dalhousie offers six first level certificates, the National Advanced Certificate in Local Authority Administration (NACLAA) and the Executive Certificate in Local Government (ECLG). 

About the Certificate Programs:

These award-winning certificates are delivered entirely online. The online environment encourages debate and discussion with other students and is not bound by time and geography. It also helps to develop and foster a learning community. Gone is the expense, time commitment and inconvenience of commutes to central physical classrooms. Instructors are selected for their excellence and commitment, not by their proximity to the university. In online education, geography and jurisdiction are transformed from impediments to enhancements. Students consistently rate the online experience very high, which likely accounts for the high levels of success enjoyed by the majority of the students. This program provides outstanding learning opportunities for local government officials interested in advancing their careers within the municipal civil service. 

Courses are delivered three times a year - September, January, and April. The courses run from 10 to 13 weeks and require participation in online discussions, written assignments and an online final exam or assignment. Flexibility is built into the program to facilitate learning for full-time employees. Each of the first level certificates provides the prerequisites for the National Advanced Certificate in Local Authority Administration (NACLAA).

Contact Information

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