Project & Policy Resources

Below are the AMANS Public Resources.These include but not limited to resources for local government administrators, new councillors, privacy resources and best practices. We also have a link to our external stakeholders that AMANS works closely with on a daily basis.

External Stakeholders


Establishing Municipal Action Plan for Ending Racism and Discrimination Webinar

AMANS and NSFM support municipalities working for inclusion and racial equity. That’s why we invited municipalities that are fostering understanding, diversity and inclusion to share their work in a special webinar held on Thursday, July 23, 2020. Learn the steps from three municipalities, and hear from Natasha Grey, Regional Program Administration Officer with the Province of Nova Scotia. She’ll outline the different supports, tools and resources that are available now to municipalities. Click here to watch the webinar on YouTube.

COVID-19 Labour and Employment Webinars

AMANS partnered with Wickwire Holm to present a series of webinars covering labour and employment issues during the  COVID-19 outbreak, including dealing with work refusals and developing effective return to work plans. The presentations and recordings can be found here:

Fire Service Stakeholder Committee Information Bulletins

Resources for New Councillors

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