Regular physical activity benefits the body in many ways and helps protect against many chronic diseases. 

Work environment, operating practices and workplace culture are all important factors in helping employees stay active. It is important to reduce sitting time and encourage employees to move throughout the day by taking mini breaks, exercising at lunch, or going on walking meetings.


Providing information on physical activity to employees can help increase the awareness around the importance of being physically active and the health benefits. Use the following fact sheets, posters and communication tools to promote physical activity at work, health benefits, being active at work and stretching techniques. 


Creating opportunities that encourage employees to be physically active helps them build new skills and long lasting behavioural changes. Create a healthy workplace by building in activities that encourage movement, such as walking groups, fitness challenges or stretching. 


Supporting physical activity in the workplace is important! One way to create a supportive work environment is through the use of policy that supports employees in making healthy living choices. View a sample policy and use other ideas to help support physical activity in the workplace.