AMANS has coordinated with the Board representatives and the Accessibility Directorate office to organize regional training workshops on Accessibility. The sessions will be two hours in length and have Gerry Post and Joshua Bates from the Directorate’s office in attendance. Workshop participants will learn helpful tips on how to comply with the act and, most importantly, meet the accessibility needs of your community. The workshop will offer a recommended approach to forming an Accessibility Advisory Committee and developing your accessibility plan. Many of the steps that will be shared were piloted in the Town of Wolfville, which developed Nova Scotia’s first comprehensive municipal accessibility plan. It is highly recommended that senior administrative leaders and accessibility coordinators come (others are also welcome to attend).

The dates and regions are listed below. To register for the workshop please click here. This registration is voluntary and designed to be accommodating of your accessibility needs. The cost to attend is free. For more information about times and locations, please visit our Events Calendar.

September 18 – South Shore Region

September 19 – South Western Shore Region

September 24 – Strait Area Region

September 30 – Truro Area Region

October 4 – Valley Region

This workshop will also be put on at our Fall Conference on October 17 at 3:30 p.m. The workshop at the conference will be a condensed version of the regional workshops listed above, but still provide you with an opportunity to access the Accessibility Directorate’s office for questions regarding your accessibility plan.

A separate workshop for Halifax Regional Municipality will be planned by the Directorate's office.