Building a Healthy You! Workplace Wellness Award

The purpose of the Building a Healthy You! Workplace Wellness Award program is to recognize and celebrate municipalities who demonstrate a strong commitment to improving the health of their employees and elected officials.

Why Apply for an Award?

Workplace wellness programming provides many benefits for the employer, employees and elected officials. Research has demonstrated that workplaces that are committed to the health of employees results in a positive return on investment . The benefits of supporting the health and wellbeing of your employees and elected officials far outweigh the costs, in terms of productivity and the health of your employees and elected officials.


Workplaces who receive one of the three award levels (bronze, silver, or gold) will demonstrate a comprehensive workplace health promotion approach to wellness programming. In order to have the greatest impact on the wellness of your employees, elected officials and municipality, a variety of health promotion strategies should be considered and applied in your wellness programming. The four key health promotion strategies include:

    • Awareness Raising – providing information to employees about the benefits of making healthy choices e.g., health fairs, newsletters, lunch and learns, intranet wellness information, etc.
    • Skill Building – helping employees develop the necessary skills to make healthy choices e.g., promoting challenges, contests, series, workshops, etc.
    • Supportive Environment – strengthening employees' health practices by making it easier within the work environment to make healthier choices e.g. providing bike racks, organizing ongoing walking or running groups, etc.
    • Policy Development – further enhancing and sustaining healthy practices by implementing healthy workplace policies e.g., healthy food choices at meetings, smoke-free entrances, flexible work schedules to incorporate physical activity, etc
  • Application Period

    Any workplace wellness activities completed between September of last year and August 31 of the current year can be captured in the application form. Successful applicants will receive their award at the UNSM/AMANS Fall Conferences. More inforamtion about the Conferences will be provded at a later date.

    Application Deadline

    Applications are due by September 18, 2015

    Supporting Documents

    iconWorkplace Wellness Award Application Guide 2015 (432.32 kB)

    icon Workplace Wellness Award Application Form 2015 (162.4 kB)