Skills Development Analysis

In collaboration with Dalhousie University's College of Continuing Education, AMA has completed a skills development analysis aligning municipal job functions with various courses from the National Advanced Certificate in Local Government Administration (NACLAA). While there are many advantages to completing the entire NACLAA program, the program does allow municipal government employees to take individual courses.  Courses are delivered online by leading academics and professionals who are experts in the field of local government.  Students are able to remain in their regular work environment and can apply the new skills and theories as they are acquired.

These course recommendations will allow employees to expand their knowledge and understanding of the structure and operations of local government. 

Course recommendations are categorised below according to job function. Each job title that you click on will take you to a page which includes a summarized job description followed by course recommendations. Each course recommendation will have a link to a detailed course syllabus.  More detailed descriptions of municipal positions are available in the Job Description Project.