Public Resources

Below are the AMANS Public Resources.These include but not limited to resources for new councillors, privacy resources and best practices.

Policy Hack Case Competition

Program Description for Policy Hack Case Competition

Policy Hack Case Competition

Resources for New Councillors

UNSM Mentoring Program resources

Councillors Guide To Privacy

Councillor Q & A Access to Information and Protection Privacy

Municipal Councillor Training Guide

Privacy Resources

Freedom Of Information And Protection Of Privacy

Instant Messaging And Personal Email Accounts

Mini Guide To Access on Privacy

Mini Guide To Privacy

Procurement Resources

Public Procurement Act (79 kB)


Department of Business - Review of Alternatives for Rural High Speed Internet (1.1 MB)

Department of Business - Nova Scotia Rural Internet: Jurisdictional review of plans in select emerging and developed markets (1.1 MB)

Phase II Final Report - Municipal Indicators (1 MB)

Provincial-Municipal Fiscal Review: Current State of Municipal Governments in Nova Scotia

Towns Task Force - Economic Development Sub-Committee Report

Towns Task Force - Regional Service Delivery Sub-Committee Report

Towns Task Force Land-Use Planning Sub-Committee Report

Municipal Property Tax Report 2014 - Executive Summary

Municipal Property Tax Report 2014 - Final Report

Capacity Building in Municipal Government Financial Management

The Nova Scotia Municipal Finance Corporation (NSMFC) and the Association of Municipal Administrators of Nova Scotia (AMA) have formed a joint committee with the goal of developing best practices for financial management practices for use by municipalities in Nova Scotia.

The committee strives to be representative of all municipalities in the Province. It is comprised of finance professionals working in towns, regional and rural municipalities as well as representation from Department of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations. The committee uses recommended practices that have been developed by the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) and adapts them to fit to Nova Scotia legislation and practices.

The recommended practices are guidelines for municipalities that are interested in improving their financial management capacity. Municipalities can modify the implementation of the recommended practices in accordance with their size, population, staffing, economic resources etc.

Since 2003, the committee has developed 34 best practices.

MPA Research and Reports

Advocacy Strategies of Organized Local Government Groups: A Comparative Study

Salary Survey

The 2016 Salary Survey results are available to those municipalities who have completed the survey. To find out more about the AMANS Salary Survey call David Atchison at (902) 225-2288.

Provincial Information

2016 Kilometrage Rates and Transportation Allowances (10.49 kB)

Ivany Report

Ray Ivany Keynote - UNSM Fall Conference 2013

UNSM Ivany Report Workshop 2014-05-23--Bernie Miller

UNSM Ivany Report Workshop - 2014-05-23--Fred Morley

Other Resources

Business Navigation Overview (338.27 kB)

Bridgetown Audit Report (6MB)

Economic Summit Final Report 2012 (1 MB)

Voter Turnout 2016

AMCTO Candidates Guide to Accessible Elections

AMCTO Clerks Guide to Accessible Elections

AMCTO Voters Guide to Accessible Elections

Municipal Government Act