The AMANS/UNSM Building a Healthy You! Workplace wellness program offers support to improve your municipality. On this page you will find a wealth of information and ideas for implementing a wellness program that fits your municipal needs.

Health Eating/ Weight Management: Providing information on the benefits of healthy eating. Offering healthy food choices at meetings is a great opportunity for employees to learn new behaviours and try new foods.


Be Active: Employees can becomes more active by including physical activity in their daily work routines. Work environments, operating practices and workplace culture are all important factors in helping employees stay active.


Mental Health: Stress, anxiety and depression are prevalent in many municipalities and addressing mental health issues in the workplace is a win win situation for employers and employees alike. Employers can help build a psychologically healthy environment that promotes good mental health in the workplace.


Smoking Cessation: In addition to the serious health consequences for employees, tobacco use has other negative effects on the workplace. Quitting smoking not only protects the health of the workplace, but increases employee productivity.