AMANS Activities and Initiatives

Education Review

The AMA recognizes the value of education, training and development and the importance of having municipal government staff and elected officials who have the capacity to meet today’s challenges. The face of municipal government has changed a great deal and with that so have the required skills set of those who serve our citizenry. In addition, there are three generations currently in the workforce.

The AMA Education Committee and Board of Directors believe that there is a need to step back and take a strategic approach to education, training and development for municipalities.

The UNSM, SNSMR and the AMANS have all expressed a commitment to ensuring that appropriate and accessible training opportunities are available to both appointed and elected officials at the municipal level. This commitment is reflected in the various strategic planning/mandate documents of each organization.

Both organizations believe that before offering an educational program, it must determine what the needs are. The AMA will, therefore, be embarking on an extensive education program review and needs analysis of municipal government.  We feel it is time to step back, take a strategic approach and make sure that we are collectively putting resources where we will see the best return.

LED Lighting Workshops

The AMA and UNSM have offered two workshops during the past year  to provide information  to assist municipalities in making their decision on whether to buy or lease the LED street lights. The first workshop was in June 2012 and the second was on April 3, 2013. The April session was a demonstration of the financial costing model which was developed through the UNSM. This costing model and user guide is available by contacting the AMA at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Video Conferencing for Municipalities

The Municipal Video Conferencing Program is a project that was made possible through a multi-stakeholder partnership with the Association of Municipal Administrators, NS, the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities, Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations and eco‐Nova Scotia. The AMA Board of Directors had a vision to explore electronic meeting options to reduce travel of committee members. This vision grew into a project which would enable almost 50 percent of the municipal units in Nova Scotia to video conference with each other, SNSMR the UNSM and the AMA. The AMA Video Conferencing Program has been highly utilized this past year. Members on committees use it, municipalities have used it to hold interviews, the Property Valuation Services Corporation uses it, as do some regional emergency management organizations. It has saved municipalities, AMA and UNSM travel costs, not to mention the greenhouse gas emissions. There is still opportunity for municipalities to join the Video Conferencing Program. Contact the AMA office to find out how.

Model By-law and Policy Project

The third phase of the Model By-law and Policy Committee has been completed and electronic copies are available on this website under "Public Resources". Hard copies of the new models can be ordered from the AMA by e-mailing us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  In addition, the AMA is working with SNSMR to catalogue all existing municipal by-laws and policies.

Municipal IT Best Practices

This group of IT Professionals, CAOs and others is developing IT Best Practices to assist municipalities. Several have been completed to date and others will be ready for release within the next couple of months.

Emergency Management Committee

The AMA EMO Committee under the leadership of Bea Renton, Town of Lunenburg has worked to improve municipal EMO resources and service delivery throughout the Province. The Committee has been supported in these efforts by EMO NS staff to enhancing Provincial - Municipal relations and joint project opportunities. The Committee serves as a direct link between high level Provincial EMO officials and Municipal administrators ensuring we understand and work together to address our respective issues and concerns.

AMA Municipal Health and Safety Resource Committee (MHSRC)

This Committee has a vision to be a resource for the effective integration of a health and safety culture in municipal work environments. Its mandate is to promote leadership, partnerships and best practices in health and safety, through developing and sharing resources amongst NS municipalities. The group is made of OHS professionals in municipal government, CAOs, other administrators and WCB staff. A page on the AMA website will be dedicated to health and safety resources.

Municipal Compensation & Benefits Survey

This Fall the completed 2012 salary survey results were forwarded to all municipalities that participated.

AMA Activities - For 2013


CAO/CEO Forum – April 18th & 19th , Holiday Inn, Truro, NS
Spring Conference – June 12-14, Yarmouth, NS
Annual Fall Convention – October 8-11, 2013, Baddeck, NS

Ongoing Initiatives/Programs

Municipal Website Venture
Records Committee
AMA Certification Program
Salary Survey
Education Committee
IT Group
Municipal Finance Officers

Joint Initiatives/Committees

Municipal Fiscal Review
Municipal Awareness Week