How to become a member?


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Membership dues are based on the type of membership being applied for. A $15 + HST processing fee must be submitted with your membership application.



On October 10, 2013, the following Membership Categories and Criteria were approved at the Association's AGM, effective immediately. The new categories and criteria apply to all new members who apply after October 10, 2013.


Membership Criteria in AMANS is as follows:



Municipal Membership
Municipalities will have access to services that tend to serve the broader organization such as:


  • Salary survey
  • Model job descriptions and HR policies
  • Access to Job Posting Offer through Career Beacon and the national job board
  • Ability to participate in the Municipal Website Venture
  • Access to Municipal Business Directory
  • Belonging to an organization that is dedicated to excellence in municipal administration


These services will be received through their designated AMA member.


Population below 1,000 $ 50
Population 1,001-5,000 $100
Population 5,001-10,000 $150
Population 10,001-20,000 $200
Population 20,001-30,000 $260
Population over 30,000 $310


Full Member $325

A Full member shall be a person who has been admitted to membership in the Association, who is employed by, or under contract with, a rural or regional municipality, town or village and is a municipal manager.

Municipal Manager: Municipal Managers are leaders and decision makers who have the knowledge and understanding of governmental, political and community systems.  A municipal manager is charged with responsibilities that pertain to the administration of Council policies, inter-governmental relations and/or the delivery of programs that are directly related to the operation and/or delivery of services at the municipal government level.


Associate Member $275

An Associate Member is a person who does not qualify as a Full member, and is:

  1. employed/under contract with, a rural, regional municipality, town or village and has a sponsor letter from a Full Member in good standing;
  2. a person who is employed by the Province of Nova Scotia, an educational institute, quasi-municipal organization or professional municipal association or non-profit sector in a field relative to municipal government, and has a sponsor letter from a Full Member in good standing.


Retired Member (5-14 years as an AMA member - $100; 15 years or more as an AMA member - $0)

A Retired Member shall be an individual who is in receipt of a municipal retirement pension or equivalent; and is fully retired from the work force. If following retirement the member, takes on employment either directly or indirectly for a continuous period of more than six months they are no longer qualified as a retired member.

Note: To qualify for retired member an individual must have been a member for at least 5 years prior to retirement. If the individual was a member for 15 years or more prior to retirement there is no fee for membership.



Member in Transition $0

A Member in Transition is a person who:

  1. has provided written request for such status and the approval of the Board of Directors
  2. immediately prior to being unemployed was a member in good standing.

Will be granted the privilege of continued membership in the AMA at the same status held immediately prior to the individual becoming unemployed.

  1. a maximum of two years


Corporate Member $450

Open to individuals not employed in municipal administration but who work closely with municipal administrators in the private sector.


Student Member $50

A student member is an individual who does not qualify for full or associate membership and is enrolled in and attending a post-secondary institution on a full-time basis.


Honorary Membership $0

Upon approval of the Board of Directors, Honourary Membership may be extended to a person who meets the requirements for Honourary Members-hip as outlined in the Board Policy. Nominations will be made in accordance with policy developed by the Board.