Regional Training Opportunities

The last AMA training and development needs survey revealed that the two main obstacles which prevented AMA members and their staff from reaching their training and development goals were time and money. The AMA Education Committee has, therefore, been working on ways to offer more regional-based training to help reduce travel costs and time away from the office. The Committee sees the AMA regional meetings as an excellent forum to share information on particular municipal issues. An effort has therefore been made to coordinate the development of information modules which can be delivered in approximately one to two hours at AMA regional meetings.

The Committee has identified three information modules, based on the needs survey, to be offered to regions. These sessions have been designed to provide good information while minimizing the time staff will be away from the office. The sessions will be open to both members and non members of the AMA and will benefit both front-line staff as well as staff who are more directly involved with the particular topic on a regular basis. The presenter of each session will offer information on the topic, followed by a question and answer period.

The three sessions that are available to AMA Regions are:

HST Workshop

General Information for A/P, A/R & finance personnel. This workshop will be offered by Canada Revenue Agency HST experts.

FOIPOP Workshop

Andrew Paton, Service Nova Scotia Municipal Relations (SNSMR) has developed a presentation which he is able to customize somewhat, based on questions received prior to the presentation.

MGA Workshop

SNSMR Municipal Advisors have developed a program dealing with various aspects of the MGA. The presentation will include an overview of the MGA highlighting those sections that generate the most inquiries to municipal advisors.

AMA Regions interested in any of the above information sessions should contact Janice Wentzell at the AMA office at (902) 423-2215.