President's Update - November 2014

greg-herrettI would like to express my appreciation to the membership for electing me as President of the AMANS. As your President I will commit to continue on the path of my predecessor to complete the strategic objectives developed by the AMA Board. A great deal of progress has been made to meet the five goals developed by the Board, quite impressive for the first year. It is, however, important to keep the momentum to ensure that the good projects that have been started get over the finish line, so I expect we will have a very busy year.

Increasingly we are seeing that a culture of consultation and engagement is taking hold as a modern best practice for leading organizations, including associations. Municipal governments across the province are constantly seeking new and effective ways to engage the public. Engagement is not always easy, but if done properly can benefit any organization. The Association is exploring how it can encourage members to become more engaged. We are looking at ways to enhance forums such as regional meeting so that they are meaningful and a good use of your time. Perhaps you have suggestions regarding how to inject some renewed energy into the AMA regional meetings, if so please let us know. I challenge you all to become more engaged with your association in the coming months.

The following few pages contain updates on some of the work, initiatives and projects in which the AMA is involved. At the UNSM Conference I spoke about a cultural shift that I am seeing with respect to the UNSM, AMA and the Province from one of working in silos to one where working together, partnerships, and collaboration is a philosophy. After reading my update, in which most AMA initiatives are in partnership with either the UNSM or the Province or both, I hope you will agree.

November 2014 Update: icon President And Board Report November 2014 (755 kB)

Greg Herrett