About the AMA

Who are we?

  • Staff organization with over 200 members drawn from municipal units, Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations, and other professionals in the field.
  • Membership is open to professionals involved in the administration of municipal government in Nova Scotia.
  • Membership includes CAO's/Clerks and Deputies, Financial Staff, Administrative Assistants and other positions.
  • Many municipalities have more than 1 staff person in AMA

What does AMA do?

  • Municipalities have a huge investment in their staff - it makes good sense to ensure they have the capacity to do their jobs
  • AMA plays an important role in professional development of municipal staff and therefore, provides value to municipalities and UNSM
  • Involved in training opportunities for members
  • Provide forums for exchanging ideas
  • Serves as a resource to municipal elected officials
  • AMA's mandate is to continue to improve the professionalism of people working in municipal governments

How are we organized?

  • Incorporated under the Societies Act and are governed through by-laws approved by membership
  • Have an elected President and Vice-President and Secretary/Treasurer. The Board of Directors has an Executive Committee plus one member from each of the ten regions of the Province,  a student representative from Dalhousie's School of Public Administration and a representative of the UNSM. 
  • Past President of UNSM serves on the AMA Board of Directors and vice versa
  • AMA is staffed by an Executive Director, a Municipal Website Coordinator, a Municipal Wellness Coordinator, a Policy Analyst & Projects Coordinator, and a Finance Officer and Events Coordinator.

Key Stakeholders


  • is a critical linkage for AMA
  • share office space
  • Past President of UNSM serves on AMA Board of Directors
  • Past President of AMA serves as a non-voting member on UNSM Executive
  • AMA often acts as a resource for UNSM initiatives and committees, when requested

Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations

  • number of SNSMR staff are AMA members
  • this allows for both formal and informal linkages
  • AMA responds to invitations to provide input into initiatives affecting municipal government
  • partner on many joint initiatives

Municipal Units Sharing

  • information is crucial
  • opportunity for joint training initiatives
  • ability to tap into resources from larger units

Dalhousie University

  • The standard for the educational criteria for certification through the AMANS is the National Advanced Certificate in Local Authority Administration (NACLAA) through Dalhousie Continuing Education
  • The AMA partners with Dalhousie School of Continuing Education on many training initiatives
  • MPA Student Serves on the AMA Board